Almost Middle-earth

In a nutshell, Ethnos is a game about a mystical land (called… Ethnos) consisting of 6 different kingdoms. There are 12 tribes living in this land, and your goal is to use them to raid and control as many of the kingdoms as possible. I suspect the name of the game comes from “ethnic” + “-os” (as in “Westeros”). There are 12 tribes, although during the set up phase, you randomly draw 6 tribes to play with. Each creature has a different special ability, so this actually keeps the game fresh each time you play. Read more about Ethnos

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle

Vaughn to Make Movies  I’ve been a fan of director Matthew Vaughn ever since I saw the fantasy-comedy Stardust in 2007. He followed that up with the superhero-comedy Kick-Ass and (still) the best X-Men film ever, X-Men: First Class. In 2015 he released the first Kingsman movie, and I was blown away by its originality, […]

Survive: Escape From Atlantis

Vacation’s Over

Picture yourself on a tropical island: lush jungles, sandy beaches, indigo waters. A small wooden boat is moored a little way offshore. Peaceful, isn’t it? But then, you notice people running past you – they climb into the boat and start paddling away from the island. Read more about Survive: Escape From Atlantis