Friends of the Fellowship

Come and meet some of the many great people and companies that we know, love and follow here at the Fellowship of the Box.


Aegir Project

The Fellowship of the Box recommended board gaming beer! Aegir Project is an Independent Brewery based on the sunny shores of Noordhoek, Cape Town. It is a Boutique Brewery founded by Rory Lancellas in 2015. Rory has brewed his way through New Zealand and Scotland, now returning to South Africa.

Aegir Project is an authentic, welcoming and high quality brewery. The name is inspired by the legendary Aegir, who is both the Norse God of Brewing and God of the Ocean combining his love of both the sea and Proper Beer. Drink responsibly. Not for sale to people under the age of 18.


Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf

The podcast in which Gamer Leaf earns his geek card (while helping you do the same) one battle at a time. A production of Curious Leaf Press.

Luckshack South

Luckshack South is a tabletop gaming store located in Recreation Road, Fish Hoek. We stock popular boardgames such as Catan and Lords of Waterdeep; and have more available via pre-order.

We are passionate about Trading Card Games, and support our local Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon players with tournaments of various formats.