Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man Homecoming review

2017, dir. Jon Watts

Finally! A Spider-Man movie that is satisfyingly rewatchable!


Firstly: Whether you’re a faithful comic book follower or just a dude in the mood for a superhero film – you are guaranteed top-notch entertainment!

For the loyal fans there are dozens of easter eggs to spot. One of them literally in the opening title sequence: the famous Spider-Man theme tune from the 60’s cartoon (now you’re humming it, aren’t you?). Some are rather obscure, some not; but all the Easter eggs are inserted to maximum effect.

To the doubtful layman just needing a good reason to watch this film – this is nothing like any other Spider-Man movie ever made, because it cleverly destroys all the clichés…

There Is No Origin Story

I’m pretty sure everyone old enough to enjoy a Spider-Man movie knows how Peter Parker became Spider-Man. Thankfully Marvel spared us this by embedding Spidey in a world where the Avengers are already a thing (the film starts with the clean-up of New York after the events of the first Avengers film).

Not Your Classic Good vs Evil

Yes, there are heroes and villains, but in this film we sympathise with the baddie and get annoyed by the hero. The baddie doesn’t even really know that he’s a villain – he just feels like he’s doing the right thing; working hard to feed his family. In fact, you even feel sorry for him as you understand and share his anger. It’s hard to imagine anyone but Michael Keaton in such a role. This makes a stark contrast (yes, pun intended) to our main hero, who is somewhat – yet enjoyably – irritating…


Peter Parker Sucks At Everything

He is a terrible friend. He is an unpleasant nephew. He’s struggling at school, despite being so smart. And he sucks at being Spider-Man, even to the disappointment of Tony Stark, who has given him several chances to prove himself. Tom Holland gives a brilliant performance as an awkward teenager who is in over his head with every teenager’s dream: to be awesome (or in this case, an Avenger).

“Look! Sequels are coming!”

Iain’s verdict: Spider-Man: Homecoming

This film is a triumphant nod to the big-hearted 80’s teen flicks, such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (which is heavily referenced in this film) and therefore lends itself to grand portions of humour, drama, action and the occasional surprise twist.

Each character is so interesting, it kinda makes you wanna hang out with them just as much as wanting to see Spidey in action. And ALL the action, by the way, is fuelled by emotion, which makes it even more intense.

This is a well-crafted film that deserves multiple viewings just to catch all the jokes, relive the action and enjoy the surprising depth that a lot of superhero films don’t have.


Calvin’s opinion:

I really enjoyed this movie. For the record, though: I have enjoyed every Spider-Man movie released by Sony studios, and I was not one of those people saying: ‘Argh, Tobey Maguire can’t act’ or ‘Andrew Garfield is an awful Spidey’. This is probably because I am not well-versed in the comics, and so am not overly attached to the character. That said, I like that Spidey has finally joined the MCU (where he belongs), and although I would’ve liked to see a bit less of Tony Stark in this film, I can’t deny that his presence led to a lot of humorous moments. My main gripe is not with this film, but with whoever edited the trailers for it: they managed to spoil most of the key action and comedy moments of the movie.

Spider-Man: Homecoming







  • Breaks clichés
  • Awesome characters
  • Spidey gets around without tall buildings


  • Pacing is a little imbalanced
  • Feels more like an Avengers prelude rather than a Spider-Man movie

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