Konja Up Some Clouds

Cape Town is currently experiencing one of the worst water shortages it’s ever seen so it’s only fitting that this game was launched smack in the middle of it. A 2 player dice rolling collection game, you control one of two shamans who are battling to summon Chango and bring rain to the dry land. Does Konja wet our whistles or dry our trousers? Read more about Konja

Snowblind: Race For The Pole

Snowblind: Race For The Pole (Or A Nice Norwegian Summer)

As we all know (after a quick Google), on the 14th of December 1911 Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer, reached the South Pole with 4 others, beating the British party of Robert Scott and companions. Fully inspired by his courageous feat, I’ve set out with some close friends to recreate this marvel of exploration and daring on the 106th anniversary of his successful journey. With Snowblind. Read more about Snowblind: Race For The Pole