The Fellowship


I’m the happy host, always keen to have friends round to experience games. Sharing board games is one of my passions and I take it as a challenge to convert people who “don’t like board games”. I think everyone likes board games, it’s just a question of finding the games that suit that person. I’m an illustrator and designer, and you’ll find my illustrations peppered around the site.
My current favourite games: Munchkin Panic, Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails and Survive.


I am the biggest “Lord of the Rings” fan I know. In fact, I might be a Hobbit myself: I enjoy the finer comforts of home. My armchair, tea and books. I am reluctant to go out (on adventures), but when I’m pushed, I usually end up enjoying myself. I have a passion for literature and film, probably because they allow you to go an adventures while staying at home. Board games kind of let you do a similar thing. And I am obsessed with movie music, so I can definitely tell you what soundtrack to listen to while you play a board game.
My current favourite games: Ethnos, Camel Up and Ticket to Ride.


I love boardgames and books – but movies are my passion. My parents were amateur filmmakers and their thrill for cinema burns on in me. I enjoy revealing to people how watching old movies are the closest thing we have to time-travel. I enjoy chewing over the latest movie industry trends. But most of all I enjoy the magical exploration of imagination – something so vital in this day and age. I am a graphic designer, musician and filmmaker.
My current favourite films: The Dark Knight, Inglorious Basterds, Lawrence of Arabia, Sunset Boulevard.